Monday, October 17, 2011

What are doing Sunday 29th October ????

Waaaaaaaa Hooooooo

I will be in Roxby Downs visiting this awesome creative aka Tatum :) :) :)

Tatum has organised for me to come and spend the day with her and her creative friends for a creative feast of teaching and creating!!! There will be lots of techniques; stamp making, misting and making our own masks, photo transfer techniques, collaging, drawing and stamping, etc etc, generally we will spend the day playing and creating in our art journals :) :) How fabulous does that sound?!!!!!!!

I so so can't wait!!!!!

Oh and did I mention that we will be spending the Saturday photo taking!!??!!! Ooooooh I so can't wait!!!!

Counting the Sleeps :) :) :)

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Unknown said...

I wish i could come to australia to see you. it would be awesome to watch you work