Wednesday, August 16, 2017

StencilGirl & Colourcraft Blog Hop :) :) :)

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Welcome to the First Stage of the StencilGirl and Colourcraft Blog Hop

Today I would like to share with you a flower inspired clay plate and bowl set.

The petals are represented by the Zinnia stencil printed plate and the centre of the flower [the stamens] by the crackle stencil printed bowl.

I first created the plate and bowl using air hardening modelling clay [product link below]. Using a rolling pin to imprint the StencilGirl stencil patterns in to the clay.
I first sealed the plate and bowl with Finnabar Heavy Gesso. When this was dry I applied a coat of Colourcraft black drawing ink, [product link below]. This was dried off using a heat tool and then buffed back with a wet wipe to leave some remnants of black ink to highlight the flower pattern.

I then sprinkled on some of the Turquoise Brusho [product link below], moistened it with a spray of water and then spread the Brusho over the plate, and allowed to partially dry.

I then buffed back some of the turquoise brusho with a wet wipe. I then sprinkled on some of the sea green brusho [product link below] moistened it with water, and then spread it over the plate.

When the plate was dry I applied a wash of Colourcraft white drawing ink[product link below], I worked the ink over the plate with a wet wipe, this helped to tone down and combine the two brusho colours.

To highlight the StencilGirl Stencilled Zinnia pattern I drew over it with the black drawing ink, and buffed it back with a wet wipe. This same process was used for the bowl, except in the inside of the bowl I didn't apply the white ink. I applied black ink to highlight the pattern of the stencil to represent the dark stamens of a flower.
The last image you can see in the above picture collage is of a jug made by Australian Artist Merric Boyd, it is the colour inspiration for my project.

The fabulous StencilGirl Stencils I have used are listed below.

Deconstructed Zinna mask and stencil designed by Traci Burista S290

Crackle stencil designed by Nathalie Kalbach L169

Well I do hope you have enjoyed the process share of creating this project It is time to click on the next link in the Blog Hop  :) :) :)

August 16
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Cheers and Happy Blog Hoping!!!
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