Friday, September 30, 2016

Relics & Artifacts :) :) :)

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Today I would like to share with you some more of my Relics & Artifacts Creativity :)

"Afterlife Traditions"

I had been told from when I was a small child that these plates contained the ashes of 'passed' relatives.  I was told that in a time when families couldn't afford the beautiful glazed pots to store the ashes of their deceased loved ones in but desperately wanted to keep them close, they decided to start a family tradition of creating plates from the soil of the fields they worked.  The soil was combined with the ashes of their loved ones. 

This combined with water and other secretly guarded ingredients was made into a clay and then hand moulded into plates.
So that the plates held their shape during the drying process, they would often drape a flat stone from the river bed with a large leaf and then drape the clay over this leaf.  The leaf helped to prevent the clay from sticking to the stone mould. 

I also was told that sometimes, the plates were decorated with paint which had been made from natural plants. As you can see from the second plate, the painted design was crude and childlike.  I suspect that they may actually have included the children in this tradition and had them paint the plates. As generations passed, the family continued with this tradition and in later years, a miniature death mask mould was taken and incorporated into the plates. Over time, these plates took on a patina as a result of exposure to extremes of temperature, and were attached with varying moulds.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Relics and Atifacts :) :) :)

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Today I would like to share with you some of my recent Relics & Artifacts creativity From >>> HERE :) :) :)

This is my project, it is a lil palm doll, and it has a lil story to go with it.

Jessie sat on the front steps of the church, clutching a squirmy little bundle of life tightly to her chest.  Her little bundle of life which she gave birth to not more than 24 hours ago, in a cardboard box hovel she called home. Jessie sat and gazed out into the dark night sky.  There were no stars glimmering. It was a pitch black night sky.

For three generations, her family had lived on the streets. She was born on the streets as was her mother. She grew up knowing there was a better life out there but it was beyond impossible to cross over in to that other life. She only knew the street life, the life of day to day survival. She didn't have the school smarts of those who had the better life but she had learned the hard way.  She had street smarts. She learnt that she sometimes had to do what was wrong just to survive! But despite that she tried really hard to do right and not resort to crime or having to hurt those around her, even when they threatened her well-being.

With this in mind Jessie stood, tears in her eyes, and gave her little bundle of life one last loving squeeze. She touched her lips gently to the baby's forehead in a loving and knowing mother's kiss one last time. Her heart was both aching and breaking at the same time.
Jessie climbed the steps to the front door of the church, opened them and gently placed her baby on the floor inside.  She closed the door and ran down the steps and into the darkness of the night.

She would rather die than have a fourth generation, her baby, live the street life. She sent a silent beseeching plea out to the night sky as she ran, "Pleeeeeeeease please let her be given the chance to have the better life!"
I have also created a step by step Snapguide to show my process and how you can create your own palm doll and tells its story.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hello Hello Fellow 7 Dots Fans :) :) :)

Today I have something special - a kind of surprise from me and 7 Dots Studio. Something similar to blog-hop but more a kind of a journey around the world - to the places that are in hearts of all 7 Dots Studio Design Team members. Be prepared for something unusual - grab your coffee and sit comfortably. Are you ready? So please continue reading.

You know, that 7 Dots Studio DT members come from all over the world - each of them wants to share a piece of their "daily world" - to show you places, towns, cities, countries, where they live. And we are especially happy that in our times, there are no distance, that could be an obstacle in sending things around the world. 7 Dots Studio products are in each place, where 7 Dots Studio DT members live. I would like you to know 7 Dots Studio has a store, where you can buy their products and they can ship them to any place in the world. So no matter how far or how close to 7 Dots Studio you live, you can  always order your favourite supplies and they  will pack them with love and send to you (always as trackable, priority post).

On top of the great journey, you can start in a while, or you have just already started on 7 Dots Studio blog ( ), hopping on our DT members blogs, we would like to offer you a special discount for our store - 15% off everything - it is valid for all purchases till September 9th. So you have 2 days to visit our store and decide, what you would like to order. The discount will be available after using a special coupon code. When you visit all the blogs in particular order (info below and on each blog there will be information about previous blog and next one) you will gather all letters (not all blogs have letters for you - please remember it), and all the letters will be your coupon code valid for any purchase in our store till September 9th.So are you ready? :)If yes, please start hopping. 

The first blog is: Keren Tamir - here is the full list of blogs in particular order, so if you would get lost, you always can take a look at the list below and to be on track again.

You Are HERE :) :) :)

Natalia Shaligyna -
Sanderijn de Bruin-Mittendorff -
Anastasi Kuznetsova -
Nastya Istorkina -
Nathmaël Nathalie Dalibard -
Kasia Bogatko-Skoczypiec -
Tusia Lech -

So to sum things up:
- visit all blogs in particular order
- enjoy photos and videos from the places our design team members live
- gather all letters to receive 15% discount for everything in 7 Dots Studio store
- come back and leave them a comment here with your order number and they will also choose one random person that will receive free shipping on that order.

My letter for coupon code is: T

So Hello Hello from Me :)
My Name is Louise Nelson. I live and work in a lovely part of Australia; in the State of South Australia. I live in a suburb about 10 minutes from the CBD of our capitol city Adelaide, and about 5 minutes from the beach, how lucky am I LOL :).
I work mostly shift work as an Operating Room Nurse. I have 2 jobs and perform in a variety of hospitals throughout the metropolitan area, in both the public and private sectors. 
Today I thought I would take a different approach and share with you a 'Day in my Life', but in reality its what I have done over 3 days as my life is pretty boring LOL :) :P :)

This is the little one bedroom home that I rent. I am a bit of a home body; so I like to potter in the garden, get creative, and occasionally go out to 'shop' :)

On the weekend I didn't have to work both days so I pottered in the garden, it is very small but I do have a small area of lawn, and a small patch to garden in.

I started prepping the small raised garden beds for some veggies, started re mulching [but as you can see I ran out] LOL :).

I am a fan of succulents and like to strike my own so I tended to my 'babies' as well.

As it was the start of Spring I started 'spring cleaning'. I started with clearing out my wardrobe, and washing and packing away clothing that I don't use/wear any more, [which means that I can't fit into any more and need to go on a diet LOL :P] And if you are wondering this is a pic of my clothes line, the Hills Hoist is an iconic Australian backyard feature.

The Hills Hoist has been manufactured in Adelaide South Australia since 1945; more details here >>> [little bit of fun Aussie history] :).

I also got time to create over the weekend; this is my scrap area, which is the verandah that has been closed in. I left it all messy >>> keeping it REAL LOL :)

And this is my messy [no longer] lounge room that has been made over to be my art room. I did a few  prints and cards over the weekend, but it still created a lot of mess :P

I did actually do some 'paid' work :), and this is me in my normal work attire, [a shower cap and pyjamas aka 'scrubs'.

And this be a selfie of a couple of the wonderful people that I work with :)

Today was a day off [so to speak] for me so I went to the hair dresser to ensure that I don't scare peoples with my grey regrowth!!!

Oh and lucky ME!!!!!! My local Scrapbooking store 'Seriously Scrapbooking' is right across the street from the hairdressers! :) :) :) That is my scrappy friend Natalie May in the background!

Well that is from me for the moment! I do hope you are having a wonderful time visiting the team and learning a little more about them and where they hail from.

So now don't forget, your next stop is ..............

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Cheers and Happy Creating and Blog Hoping!!!!

Louise :) xxoxx