Sunday, January 31, 2010

A day off work and I got all Scrappy :) :) :)

Hi Guys

First up here is a sneak peak of one of my Feb Scrapjack LO's, chek there after the 5th you will be in from awesome inspo from the Team!!! :)

These LO's are some catch up me stuff :)
Scrapware title

Scrapware Alphas

Ill also be doing my Scrapware post in a couple of days, we have some glorious New Releases to wet your scrappy appetite with tooooooo!!!
Cheers and Happy Scrapping, Lou xxx

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OZ Day Scrappy Shares :)

Hi Guys

First up is a sneak peak of one of my Feb Scrapjacks which will uploaded on the 5th so dont forget to chek it out, the Jacks are pretty Damned FAB!!!

The rest are some 'me stuff' :)

Cheers and Happy Scrapping, Lou xxx

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just some shares :)

Cheers xox

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some updates :)

Woo Hoo the next Creative Type Challenge [#24 - Nuetrals] is up, go and chek it out what the team have created is awwwesome!!! Below is my take :)

Aaaand I got to create with some Gloooorious 7 Gypsies product for Aussie Scrap Source, you have so gotta go chek out what the Team have created!!! Here is a sneak peek of my stuff!!

Cheers Lou xoxo

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mystery Project and a 05/06 HM Flashback :)

Hi Guys

I finally got to photograph my mystery project that I subbed for the SMMasters. Like my other entries it was a 'personal' project, created for me. There was neva going to be anything stunning about it creatively, it was neva going to 'Shine' STS, but its what I was compelled to create. Recently and in the past I have had issues with computer crashes and loosing photos and thefts/house breakins where I have lost personal momentos and memory keepsakes. With that in mind I made 3 'memory boxes' each containing little twinchie mini books, I also included; a little organza drawstring bag which held the last of my little keepsakes, newspaper obit's of loved ones, and much loved photos - 2" x 2". The twinchie mini's are for the recording/jounalling of significant/memorable moments that I needed to get down for personal reasons.

These are the mini's.

Close ups of the insides of my box's.

My boxes.

Oh and while I was filling and organising the above photos I came across this pic, it is of myvery first Honerable Mention 05/06 I think it was. I still remember today how I felt when I found out that I had got an honerable mention,..... and that feeling hasnt really changed, Ive just being overly demostrative with the joy! LOLOL. Still to this day, despite that it lookes 'dated', this Layout is a personal fave, for many reasons!
Well thats it for the mo! I still havent got a Masters mag, but Ill be stalking my newsagent on Wednesday to get my hands on one, she sees me walk past and yells out, 'its still not here yet' LOL, Ive been cheking since the subscribers mags came out LOL.
Cheers and Happy Scrapping, Lou xxx

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wooo de Hooooo........ :)

Hi Guys

Im happy for a couple of reasons, I got mojo happening, [it has been absent somewhat], and its finally been revealed that Im the Guest Design Teamer at the Scrapboxx :) :) :), and as such I get to create with their boxx of Scrapps - which was christmassy, and I get to set the sketch challenge which you can see above :) :) :)

These next LO's are personal/for fun/2010 gratitude LO's :)

Cheers and Happy Scrapping :)

Thank you very much for your recent woooonderful comments,

Lou xox

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yep its me again, LOL.
Let me begin by saying a Huuuuuuge CONGRATULATIONS to the new Masters!!! Sooo looking forward to following their creativity throughout the year!! aaaaand to all the fabo HM's WTG Guys WTG!!! So hanging to see this mag, by all accounts its FAB!!!
Ive had a couple of buddies ask if I was going to share my SM Masters stuff,.....honestly I had decided not toooo, coz Im just not into having people judge them and go WTF???? at the moment! But I gotta stop being sensitive to this sorta thing,... and normally, I dont let it get to me, ....just that sometimes, something 'gets said', that sets u back a bit and puts you off sharen ur stuff. But right, sheesh, enuf winen and wingen!!! here are my shaped LO [front and back view] and my greatest achievement LO [yeah its a huge dried lily pad leaf that i scabbed off my mate Nat- thank U Nat :)].
Will take photos of my Mystery project on the weekend to post.
Lou X

Oooh my ASS creative fun with Grunge Paper :)

Oooo I had sooo much with this, it was one fo my very first breifs with Aussie Scrap Source

Go and chek it out, Nic Finlayson's project is Awwwwwwesome!!!

Lou xxx