Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Creative JumpStart 2014 :) :) :)

Hello Hello :)

Yes I am blogging :), it has been a busy time of the year for me and blogging unfortunately has taken a back seat to work [it is a busier time of the year for me with my work as I have been doing many many double shifts to make up for the seasonal nature of 'no work'], and health issues that needed to be sorted out.

As many of you who follow me on Facebook [yes there was time for social media LOL :)] know I have been very fortunate to be invited by Nathalie Kalbach to contribute to her amazing and inspiring creative venture Creative JumpStart 2014.

Here is what Nathalie has to say about this amazing inspiring venture :)

If you’re not familiar with CJS, it’s a one-of-a-kind community event to inspire your creativity.
Need help getting your creative mojo going in 2014? CJS can help.
Throughout January participants get 23 videos from 21 featured artists.  It’s an amazing event where you can learn new techniques, discover new materials, and connect with other artists.
Head on over here to sign up and for more details. CJS costs just $20 for the 3.5 hours of video content. That’s less than $1 per video — a great deal.
So join me and 20 other artists this January for CJS 2014! We are looking forward to have you!

aaaaaaaand just to wet your appetite for more of this fabulous venture Nathalie made a short video to show case the incredible line up of creatives contributing :) :) :)

Sooooo What are you waiting for???????

DETAILS & SIGN UP >>> HERE :) :) :)

Cheers for now, I do hope that you all have a wonderful New Year! Please stay safe! Much Creative <3 :="" louise="" p="" xox="">