Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Relics and Atifacts :) :) :)

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Today I would like to share with you some of my recent Relics & Artifacts creativity From >>> HERE :) :) :)

This is my project, it is a lil palm doll, and it has a lil story to go with it.

Jessie sat on the front steps of the church, clutching a squirmy little bundle of life tightly to her chest.  Her little bundle of life which she gave birth to not more than 24 hours ago, in a cardboard box hovel she called home. Jessie sat and gazed out into the dark night sky.  There were no stars glimmering. It was a pitch black night sky.

For three generations, her family had lived on the streets. She was born on the streets as was her mother. She grew up knowing there was a better life out there but it was beyond impossible to cross over in to that other life. She only knew the street life, the life of day to day survival. She didn't have the school smarts of those who had the better life but she had learned the hard way.  She had street smarts. She learnt that she sometimes had to do what was wrong just to survive! But despite that she tried really hard to do right and not resort to crime or having to hurt those around her, even when they threatened her well-being.

With this in mind Jessie stood, tears in her eyes, and gave her little bundle of life one last loving squeeze. She touched her lips gently to the baby's forehead in a loving and knowing mother's kiss one last time. Her heart was both aching and breaking at the same time.
Jessie climbed the steps to the front door of the church, opened them and gently placed her baby on the floor inside.  She closed the door and ran down the steps and into the darkness of the night.

She would rather die than have a fourth generation, her baby, live the street life. She sent a silent beseeching plea out to the night sky as she ran, "Pleeeeeeeease please let her be given the chance to have the better life!"
I have also created a step by step Snapguide to show my process and how you can create your own palm doll and tells its story.

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