Monday, October 3, 2011

Scrap the boys :) :) :)

And wait Guys there is mooooore :)

Scrap the Boys continues to bring you awesome Boy inspired creations!!!! Go Go cheek them out!!

I just have to say that all of the handmade embellishments on my layout were made by the members of 2 amazingly talented families!!!! Wendy Smith and Susan Longman - A Lil Somethin

Also Master Ashton son of Susan who made the bead pet and flower especially for me!!!!!!! U wouldn't believe what that does to an old scrappers heart!!!!! [Ashton is the gorgus little man in the photo] :)

Cheers and Happy boy Scrapping :)

Lou xoxo


Paula said...

I love the use of the 'beados' figure...LOL I've got loads of them that the kids have made over the years, what a brilliant way to treasure them!!!

Unknown said...

you continue to inspire me