Monday, October 3, 2011

Beeeeeyond the Door Inspiration :) :) :)

Hello Hello Guys

Well the gorgus Ms Catie has provided you with another wonderful source of Inspiration this month!! Goooo Chek it OUT!!! :)

This is my take on this months 'Room' Inspo :) I have much to be thankful for to my beautiful friend Paula, and I will scrap it until the cows come home!!!! Or until she is sick of it LOL :)

Cheers and Happy Challenge scrapping

Lou :) xoxo


Paula said...

LOL as if!!! ;) Tis gorge xo

Michelle Hernandez said...

This is gorgeous!

Catherine SIWCZAK said...

wow ! fabulous !

Kim Ewins said...

Oh! Lou!!
Love this it's complex simplicity....stunning!!!

kissinia said...

This is just fabulous. Lovin' it.

dani said...