Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thank you!!!!

To alll you lovely lovely people for leaving me the most amazing comments!! It really does 'lift me up' to read them!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH!!!

This Gorgeous Creative [aka Jules] awarded me this blog award, thank you so much Julie!! go chek out her blog she roks!!!

There are obligatory things I must do that go with this award, but Im gonna twist it a bit;...OK! LOL :)

Looking for Inspo.. chek these 5 sites;

Kraft it Up

Aussie Scrap Source

Aussie Scrap Jack

Scrap the Boys

Gallery Standouts

5 things about me;

In another life-time I would have loved to have been a Fashion designer

I love to drink Milk!!!............water ...Meh!

Next year my Bestie and I are doing a big trip to USA, going to LA and NY!! it will be the Big 50 for both of us LOL

One of my fave foods ever since I was leeetle is cheese

I wish I had...... I dont waste time wishen, I waste my time tryen to make them come true!!!!!

Well thats all from me for the Mo, Cheers and Happy Scrapping

Lou xxx


Paula said...

Haha, how funny is that...I was signed up for fashion design after leaving school, but found work which I couldn't give up, so dropped out! xx

Mel said...

Nothing wrong with liking dairy Louise, I like my milk too and at the moment am having the hot chocolates at nights. I bought the inks from the newsagents and used them on a layout, and I love them, thank you so much for the great inspiration and advice, Love Melxx

Petrina McDonald said...

get outta here!!!!! (said in an elaine bennis voice) you are NOT turning 50 next year!!! you are not!!!! cripes, ok, maybe you might be. hell, i'll be turning 40 so i guess anything is possible....

Her Essential Hand said...

I am in love with all those inspiring LO's below.
Love reading the 5 things about you.
I LOVE cheese too.. give me any and I am happy :) x

Anonymous said...

Louise I wish you could teach a class in LA while you are here. I love your techniques. You are amazing. Jane S- Irvine, CA. Orange co. USA

Jules said...

HA!... thanks for playing along lou... i so wanna do time square for NYE one year... it's on my bucket list! cheers ... :)) xx

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

I'm putting my name on the postcard list.... WOW HOO what a way to see 50 in Louise (it will be so awesome) totally excited for you both. And YUCK to the milk Yum to the cheese and yep I wish I had.... is no longer in my bag of tricks it is I am going to do that now! because it will be too late other wise x0x0x