Friday, July 2, 2010

Scrap the Boys :) :) :)

So your challenge,......if you choose to accept it is...............

"For the first challenge we thought we would make it a nice easy one…but something our busy lives forget to do….and that is capture the vital information of your boy right now.

So for your layout I would like you to use a portrait shot, one of those “nothing photos” (you know that photo you love but does not have a story or event attached to it) and record your boy’s vital statistics right now making sure you add in some quirky facts about them."

This is my layout for the challenge featuring this creatives very own special creation Jonah!! thank you Jill and Jonah!!

Hope to see you there and joining in the creative fun!!!!
Lou xxx


Paula said...

Love this photo...just brilliant! Love how it is the focus of the layout.

Leanne J said...

super AMAZING background for kraft challenge wowzers.. fanabulo.. and for the boys.. awesome photo.. i love the textures and feel of it.. super.. you are your work.

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

mmmmmmmm Fantastic x0x0x

Jilly Geraghty-Groves said...

Ack!!!! Utterly perfect my sweet!!!
Love Love Love!