Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back again :)

Hi Guys

This is what you do when you dont get a shift, LOL you scrap especially when you have deliscious scraps of paper on your desk!!!

This one is me, Peg and Gigi at the Brissy convention.

Another behind the scenes photo by Jill GG.

My take on the July 123 Challenge, Red, the word Passion and Grunge!!!!!!!

Photo taken by Sherry of her DD thank you muchly Sherry for the priviledge to scrap this photo :).

Me running into this fabulous creative outside the Ron Mueck Exhibition. Used lotsa scraps off the desk for this one LOLOL.

Lou xxx


Charmane said...

oh myyyyyy gooooodnessssss!!!!

wowzers!!! lovin your stuff.... you make me want to go and scrap!!!

fantabulous... all of it!!!



Nic Finlayson said...

Yaaaaaaaay I LOVE LOVE LOVE that one of us and just yelped out loud with excitement at seeing it! Love it you gorgeous gal!!!!

Mwah xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

KimA said...

loving the patterned paper Lou!

Lauren said...

Stunning layouts babe!! Loving all the colour :) What is the pp you've used on the joy layout of you and Lynette?? I LOVE love LOVE it!!!
Hope you're having a gorgeous week xx

Paula said...

How about sending some of your mojo my way ;) simply gorgeous stuff! Loving the colour, but still your unique style.
Hehe I was wondering who you were 'sassing' ;) xx

Jules said...

gorgeous stuff lou ... so inspiring. Been out of action for over a week with camping and visitors... just read your comment on my blog ... bugger about the jack!! :) :) ... what a thrill it would have been... cheers, jules xx

Anonymous said...

Hi there Lou...Ive been 'lurking' (odd word,ay lol)on your blog for months admiring your work - I was surprised but thrilled to see your comment on my blog this morning...thank you for taking the time to visit and comment....and I shall stop 'lurking' now!
BTW Your work is so inspiring.

Tiff Firth said...

awesome to see a few ofp on your blog. you are on fire atm.

go girl!!!

Mel said...

I have to tell you Louise, I notice the other blog posts and I wonder if they thought the same as me, that someone so left of centre creative might not be as down to earth as you are. I feel the very same way about you leaving a comment on my blog posts, it's just an awesome feeling and other noted scrappers don't do that often, taking the time to do it - priceless. Love Melxx

Jasmine Bailey-Barfuss said...

Oh gosh, you are so awesome! Yummy grungy goodness!!

Sherry said...

Gorgeous Lou, I did not see the one with my DD in it yet but I can't WAIT I am sure it is stunning :-).. thank YOU!

Sherry xxx