Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Im having a crafty sale :) :) :)

Hello Hello :)

I have been crafting and I would love to offer them for sale :)

I have created some hand carved [by me] stamps that coordinate with my chipboard designs from Imaginarium Designs

The Fabulous Team at Imaginarium Designs have also cut me a limited number of small templates to coordinate with my peacock chipboard design. 

Imaginarium Designs >>>>>> HERE :) :) :)

My Designs :) :) :) >>>>>>>>> HERE :)

Small Feather >>>>>> HERE :)

Large Feather >>>>>> HERE :)

Peacock Feather >>>>>> HERE :)

Tiny Peacock Feather >>>>> HERE :)

I have created hand carved stamps to coordinate with these chipboard designs >>> so hand carved means they aren't perfect ...OK! :) They have been hand crafted with love so they are all slightly different :)

The fabulous team at Imaginarium Designs have also cut a peacock template for me [you get the butterfly as a bonus :) :) :)]

The pop out is also available :) :) :)

These items will be available for sale via my blog on MONDAY 3rd DECEMBER 2012 at 1800 Adelaide time.

Purchase will be via email only and first in first serve. 

Items are available in limited numbers.

International purchasers welcome. 

Please read the details in the Monday blog post regarding payment and postage carefully before emailing me for purchase :) :) :)

They aren't available before then sorry, due to my day job commitment. 

Thank you muchly and I do hope you are having a great week :)

Louise :) :):) xoxoxox


Jen Crossley said...

amazing Louise Im sure they will sell like hotcakes

Anita Bownds said...

awesome lou..!!!!

Martha Richardson said...

Oh I do hope I'm able to order...they are fabulous! I love how you go after what you are inspirational!!!

Willow and Wattle said...

Well, finally! Lol! Must have! And the stencils! Love them

Lisa said...

Simply gorgeous, and gorgeously YOU! :)