Monday, August 13, 2012

Jenni Bowlin Summer Games :) :) :)

Are you ready for the third leg of the relay?  It's okay if you're not as you have till Friday to finish the race.  Let me go ahead and share today's lap . . . it's the breaststroke.  We took our inspiration from menswear for this leg since it's so popular in prints and crafting right now.  So let's "button up" those layouts like an oxford shirt . . . and don't forget the tie!  What does this mean for your layout?  Just add buttons and something tied (think knot or bow or heck a literal tie if you'd like)!

So in review if you're just joining us . . .
1. butterfly - add at least one butterfly to your layout
2. backstroke - add a messy medium to your background (like paint, ink, or mist)
3. breaststroke - add buttons and something tied
4. we'll be back with the last leg of the relay tomorrow morning!

And there's a prize!  Each day we're adding a component to that as well.  Today we're adding buttons, obviously, and a bit of seam binding tape.  In addition to the previously listed prize parts (listed here and here) we're adding at least 10 packs of buttons to include at least one from each of the following categories: button tin (shown above), vintage style sew-on buttons, pearl buttons, rhinestone buttons, chipboard buttons, plain chipboard buttons.

please note: each completed entry must be posted HERE with a link to the gallery or blog where it appears.

scrap on racers!  scrap on!

Greetings Racers!  We're all cheering for you here at JBS Mercantile!  You're doing great!  On today's leg of the relay you will need to do the backstroke.  In taking this scrappy challenge you will now need to add a messy medium to your background.  Get it?  BACKground?  Ha!  We're having fun with this as you can see and we hope you are too!  You can come chat with us about it on our message board.  I for one am hoping to post a little sneak of my layout there once I get lap two completed.  I'd love to see your interpretation as well.

So to recap the race so far . . . you must have a butterfly and now a messy medium background on your challenge layout.  Tomorrow will tell you about the third leg of the relay and Monday the fourth and last.  You have until next Friday to finish it and post a link to it on the original swim relay post that you can find HERE.

And the PRIZE is growing as welll!  In addition to the 20 butterflies we mentioned yesterday, we'll be throwing in a set of Jenni Bowlin for Ranger products in a lovely shade of blue.  Swim swim swim!

P.S. if you're stopping by for the first time today, check out our monthlong "Summer Games" challenge.

Aaaand a little Jenni Bowlin Studio share :) :) :)

Cheers and Happy Creating
Louise :) xox

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