Monday, December 13, 2010

Sharen stuff :) :) :)

Hello Hello Guys

How is the start of the festive season for you?? Fabulous I Hope!!!!!

This is a pic of something that blew me away!! This awesome creative [Nic] asked if she could lift me for an article she was commissioned to be a part of in an internation mag called Scrapbooking .m.m. It is a damned awesome mag by the way!! Of course I was honoured and so absolutely over the moon that she would want to!! look at her awesome layout [on the right] doenst it ROK!!! Thank you so very much Miss Nic!!!

This purple LO is a fun one that i did in response to a challenge on Facebook from Sandra Staples. Twas lotsa fun!!! I wasnt allowed to use Kraft LOL :)

Ive started to play with my shimmerz, they have a wonderful subtle effect!! I love them. Ive used them on some of my Darkroom Door Projects tooo so keep an eye out if your interested :) :) :)

This is my take on the current 123 challenge :) :) :)

Well thats it for the moment .Im going to share some other stuff latter 2nite, if I can get a decent internet reception/connection at home, just got to do some photo editing first :)
Cheers and Happy Scrapping
Lou xxx


sandra said...

Louise you always blow me away with your designs and creativity.
These are just awesome!!
and in regards to the "i need it i want it" go and get it girl!!!

sandra said...

Oops thought it was on a different post..but congrats on ANOTHER layout in an international mag!
Oh to be scraplifted by Nicole P would be such an honour, but to use it in a mag...oh my!!

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

That Nicole is a beautiful girl and scraps up a storm....

Yes suck it up and just get ON WITH IT xox you know my feelings on this subject :):):) DON"T GIVE IN now or never xox Stay true xox