Friday, April 2, 2010

Update: working backwards :)

Hi Guys

Ive got so much info to share that Ill do it in a couple of posts, and it might be easier for blogger to cope with, it hasnt let me do this post for 2 days aaargh.

Ive just got back from the Escape2Create retreat as well as spending a few extra days in the company of Tiff and her gorge DD Annie [thank you soooo much Tiff and Annie for letting me into your home and taking me allllllllllll over to experience your local delights and your wonderful friends!!!!!!].

Ill hopefully get around to doing some photo editing of these escapades to show at a later date.

These pics below are the LO's I got to do whilst at e2c. You may notice I had a bit of a thing for some Sassafrass PP LOL.

Some sass loven LOL

Some paint scrappin luurve :)

One of Tiff's gorgus friends Sandra [and now mine :)] shared some of her deeevine stash with me to create with and the awesome music sheet you see on these LO's is from her! TU big time Sandra!!

This faabulous fibre was from Sandra :)

I had 2 create this one,..Sonia really wanted to be there, So she was kinda,... :) xx

Isnt this music sheet fab, it sticky tape all around the edges,.....luuuurve!!

This string was from part of a Macrame belt that Sandra gave me :)

Some more Sass loven! :) And borrowed the MS punch of Meredith [TG 4 M] coz I forgot my own aaargh

Ange the Digi Queen so loved catching up with here again!!! She even let me do a little photo taking practice on her!! TU Ange :) xx

It was just the coolest retreat, everything from the traders [amazing shops and range of products] to the shed, catering [wooonderful] and organisation was 5 Star!! Sue Amanda and Meredith should be very proud of themselves, It Was Faabulous!!

It was fabulous meeting people you only know from the www F2F; Maryanne, Mel ,....or not, meet as the case may be......Kerryn :) - :(

It was greeeeeeat catching up with Tatum and Lauren and Ali, who created some awesome stuff!!!!

Well that is all for this post LOL, onto uploading for the next one.

Cheers and I do hope you are alllll haven a wonderful Easter, Please stay safe!!

Much Scrappy Mwah!!

Lou xxooxx


Sandy said...

Wow! You totally inspire me! Those layouts are terrific... I adore how you punched the photo into a butterfly and put it next to the photo! Love your layering, your use of white space, and your use of inks and/or paints. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Kerryn said...

LOL It was a missed opportunity wasn't it! You were on scrappy fire at the retreat, these look awesome!!

milkcan said...

So much to love in this post! Your work is just stunning and so unique!

Jenny said...

Wow Louise, your layouts are absolutely gorgeous and the retreat sounds like it was heaps of fun as well as productive, LOVE your work!!!

Unknown said...

my goodness Lou!! LOOOOVE all you have been making, love love love!

Tiff Firth said...

hey there Lou. was wonderful having you. Your bed's booked for next year. :)

Annie did a big awwww when she found your note you left for her.


Tiff Firth said...

hey hey. 3 pick ups and two with that music paper. fantastic. you know what the next scrap fad will be......!!!!!!!!