Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aussie Scrapjack is up :) :) :)

Hi Guys

Ive been trying to do this post for a week but blogger has been a right PIA. Just wanted to share my LO's for the April Scrapjack. The Team have created some awesome suff base on some fabulous inspiration, why dont you go and have a gander!!!

This is my jack of Leeann Pearce

This is my jack of Audrey Underwood.

This is my jack of Lynette van Barrelo
Cheers and TFL :)
Lou xxx


Tiff Firth said...

love it all Lou and commented on each one on Scrapjack. I've not had any hassles with Blogger this last week.... but on other occasions lol....

Mel said...

Love them, love them, love them, you are such a cool artsy scrapper.

Emakhtila said...

i just discover your blog and i love what you do. the LO "oh" is just wonderful !!! Sorry for my english. It isn't really perfect ;-)