Sunday, May 24, 2015

Teaching at SENZ 2015 :) :) :)

Hello Hello :) 
With the next few posts I am sharing with you my classes that I will be teaching at SENZ 2015
I am a wee bit excited :) :) :)

The New Zealand Scrapbooking
& Crafting Expo
SENZ 2015
Friday 10th – Sunday 12th July 2015

Louise Nelson teaching for CREATE
Suitable for intermediate to advanced level scrapbookers
No photos required.

When Louise first spoke to Fiona about teaching at SENZ Fiona wanted very much for there to be classes that showcased taking mixed media in scrapbooking, to the next level. With that in mind Louise is honoured to share with you 2 of her current favourite techniques, using the very much ‘on trend’ glass and micro beads.

With these classes you will be creating ‘statement pieces’! The layouts that you complete in these Master Classes will be ‘one of a kind’ and unique layouts that will allow you to showcase that most special photo. These layouts will be those that you want to frame and hang on the wall; or alternatively be created as a canvas. Once you have the ‘know how’ the choice is yours.


FRIDAY 5.30-8.00

Quite simply you will become the artist in this class. You will learn to layer up several different mediums to create a background to showcase your photo. You will create not only physical but also visual dimension. You will embellish with beads and wire in a way that you never have! And ultimately you will have created a unique scrapbooking masterpiece by your own hand! Are you Interested?
Louise cant wait to show you how!

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