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.......when I need to kick start my mojo :) :) :)

Hello Hello Guys

I just wanted to share this post, it is adapted from one that I did when I participated in Nathalie Kalbach's Creative Jump Start!

?????? how do I kick-start my mojo.

I must confess I loose the old mojo quite consistently and that is for a lot of reasons; like most people I work full time and do this wonderful thing called scrapbooking in my spare time. The work I do can be both mentally and physically demanding and it just sucks the energy and desire to create right out of you sometimes. Deadlines looming is a real mojo killer; but I am sure I am not alone with that one, oh and also sometimes my product briefs can be a little challenging LOL, but we all know what that feels like too! 

So what do I usually do?? Well firstly I step away from it all!! Away from my desk and leave my studio! I usually spend some time doing the non-scrappy things that I like to do. Go for a walk, go to my local café and have brunch, sit and browse the Internet whilst watching the world go by! I take TIME OUT!  Assuming that there is no deadline that must be meet .

If that were the case then I usually force my self to create ‘and work through the block.’ Whilst I may not always like what I create, it isn’t usually completely tragic, and I just put the layouts into the album!!!! I just keep creating until I am happy , and that is usually anywhere from 2-4 layouts later :P [Insert crossed fingers here as that is a bit of a white lie as I don’t actually use albums for my layouts at the moment].

Depending on the motivation or reason for the need to create I may just replicate a layout of my own, you know, scrap lift myself! LOL! There is nothing to say that it’s not cool, and if you have a formula that works for you then I say Go For IT!!!!

Otherwise there are lots of cool sources of inspiration that I ‘GO TO’

Magazines and books would have to be one of my top 5!

Here is one that I regularly pick up :)

I do subscribe to and buy Somerset Memories, Somerset Studio, Somerset Workshop and Art Journaling! I sometimes also get Artist’s café and Somerset Apprentice if I can find them J Stampington have a fab free E-Newsletter that you can subscribe too, free project ideas and videos, etc.!

I also subscribe to and buy Cloth Paper Scissors Cloth Paper Scissors have an amazing daily email newsletter that you receive when you register, its not to be missed! When you register you get access to their blogs, forums, freebies etc. it is just fabo!!!

I also get the local Australian Scrapbooking magazines; Scrapbooking Memories

And Photography magazines! I am such a sucker for ‘Black & White’ Photography magazines I love them!!!!!

When I go to the hairdressers I ALWAYS go through their fashion magazines! They are mostly from Europe so I don’t understand any of the text but the photos so so rock!!!! I sit there with my iPhone taking photos of all the things; fashion, accessories, graphics that I find fab and inspiring!!!!! Total drooolsville!!! I find fashion and home décor magazines an amazing source of inspiration!! I am always taking phone photos of pages out of magazines where ever I go J

I am seriously addicted to buying books to keep as resources of inspiration!!! I hoard them and read them regularly; they are piled up around my bedroom, lounge room and on my coffee table! Ill sit with a cup of tea and just flick through them! Nine times out of ten, within in a couple of minutes, my brain is bursting with potential layout ideas. Have you got a spare hour before picking the kids up from school??? then drop into your local library and pick up a home decor book and have a read :)

I must confess that having my camera phone with me 24/7 is just the best when it comes to capturing those things that I see when I am out and about that get my creative mojo buzzing!!!
It is just amazing what you can see and find when you go for a walk or about your daily business that can and does inspire!! It can be ‘big things’ or just the ‘little things’

All the pictures go into my Inspiration Folder, along with fabulous layouts etc. that I find when I go blog and gallery lurking [another fabulous source of Inspiration!!!] 

Basically to be inspired I just need to open my eyes and ‘LOOK’ 
I could probably write a small book an the blogs and web sites that I go to when I am needing to refresh my creative palette and get a mojo boost, I would love to share just a few of my go to places!

Like every one I have a blog roll; some are on the right hand side bar of my blog and the rest I have on blog feeds, here a few to get you started!!!

 Seriously this list could go for pages and pages but these are a fabulous starting point!!!! 

There are numerous sites that I love to visit; here are a few to start with;

You are probably wondering why I would include a site for digital scrapbooking??

Weeeell they are a secret source of amazing inspiration for me!!! When all else fails I will go to my inspiration folder that is chock-a-block full of digital layouts that never fail to inspire me! Sheesh the secret is out now Grrrrr! LOL :)

One last source of inspiration I would love to share with you is Other Artisans’!!! Both fellow Scrapbookers and those who are outside my creativity box!!!

For me visiting galleries and exhibitions is always a very emotional experience, the whole experience never fails to humble me, and some times nearly emotionally overwhelm me! And it always inspires me!!

Well that is me for the mo I do hope that gives you a little insight into how I kick start my mojo :)

Cheers and Happy Creating

Lou xox


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