Wednesday, January 12, 2011

QLD Floods :( :( :(

Hi Guys

Well as you may be aware there are devastating floods affecting our countrymen and loved ones in Queensland with 75% of the state declared a natural disaster zone. Lives have been lost and loved ones are missing!! I know what my prayers are all about at the mo!!

There are a small band of creatives who are banding together to help raise funds to go towards the Flood Relief. I am asking you all to consider supporting this wonderful effort. It is a silent auction of art by some awesome Australian and International creatives and artists. Here is a link to the facebook site;!/pages/Your-Creative-Journey-Silent-Auction-for-QLD-Flood-Victims/169057079805593?v=info

I am honoured to have been asked to contribute! but as you will see there is an awesome list of contributors.

Please Please Please consider supporting this relief effort by the Team at Creative Journey!!

Cheers and much love to you all and my countrymen

Lou xxx

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