Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KIDZ ART ROKZ!! :) :) :)

Hi Guys

Your probably wondering WT??? LOL!!

What this post is all about is,..... that apart from being a huuuuge fan of all art created by kids, Im moving house in about 6 weeks, aaaaand Ive got a stash of freebie paper crafting stuff that I have been given over the last 12 months, from various sources, that I would love to giveaway to a couple of aspiring and fun loveing creative kids!!!!!

Sooooo what I thought I would do, if any kids are interested, is run a fun giveaway inviting all creative kids to share their 'stuff' to be in the running.

Ive got 2 packs of goodies. I thought Ied do it in 2 groups; up to 13 years and from 13 to 15 years. It is open to Aussies and Internationals; and to be eligible to go in the draw [which will be random - name drawn out of a hat] you will need to......

Be a kid!!! no parentals allowed!!!!

You MUST have fun creating it!!!!

Send me a photo of your creation via a jpeg attachement [no larger that 300kb] to an email, to me, at loolabelle1961@hotmail.com , and also give me permission to share your pic on my blog [which is linked to facebook]. Include your name, and age, and anything you would like to tell me about what you created.

Well are you interested kids???????

I do hope so, if you or your parentals have any questions just email me!

You have until September 30th 2010 to send them to me :) :) :)

Cheers for now, and Happy Creating Kidz, dont keep me waiting toooooooo long!!

PS I promise to let you know when I receive your email, but it might take me a couple of days tho ;) :) :)

Lou xx:)xx


Mal said...

ooo just about to do some craft with isobel...think she would love doing something to show you Lou:)

Scrapsister said...

Oooh so generous Lou...what an awesome idea. My Miss Mickey might have a go and enter. She is a bit crafty ;)

Sonia said...

Hey where you moving too????

Mel said...

Hi Louise, my little avid scrapper is actually almost 4, he does not have to be in the comp, but I thought I would use this comp as a reminder to me to take some photos of his cutting out and layouts he has made to date using some photos I have given him. Will post them to you. They are cute and you know I have never photographed them so this is the perfect opportunity. Love Melxx

Lauren said...

Wow! Lou that is an awesome thing to do!!

Rebecca said...

Hmmm. Looks like we might have to crack open the paints this weekend.


Peggy said...

Now this is a great idea, and my kids will love it!! You might see some of their work coming your way...
xxx Peggy

Nina said...

how very thoughtful and generous of you Lou ... i am sure the winning kiddies will looooove their new found stash!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - Alisha will have some fun with this ..... I think you will enjoy her combo of patterns (LOL) more like yours than mine .. Luv Wens

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

I'm with Sonia??????????? WERE the hell are you moving toooooooo and how beautiful to share your STUFF with the young ones..... x0x0x