Saturday, December 5, 2009

Aussie Dare is UP :)

Hello Hello Guys

Just sharen my LO for the December Dare - "My Life in a Box"

"u gotta love friends who dont box you in"

:) xxx
PS Hey do you 'get' the significance/meaning of the concertinaed paper background??? let me know if you do :)


Belinda Spencer said...

Hey loving lurking on your blog. The concertinas have to represent the corrugated cardboard of a box....don't they???? That's all I can come up with. Thanks for the inspiration on your amazing blog. B-)

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Beautiful Layout for a beautiful friend Louise, I think the meaning behind the waves is the high's and low's and flows of friendship? that we can have with all our Friends!!! Thank you for being MINE x0x0x

Sonia said...

Well I know she was sitting on steps when you took that photo...but otherwise..NOPE!!

so let me know what the special significance is please...

I love the layout.

Tiff Firth said...

looks like the stair way to heaven. but I bet I've got that one way wrong. But I do really understand the concept of 'dont box me in' Funny that was nearly the same words I used when we had our EB Adelaide weekend. Ironic hey.

Natalie Elphinstone said...

I thought the meaning of the folded cardboard was so that you can fit more of it onto your page, representing that you want to fit as much as possible into life. Or am I getting too philosophical?!