Sunday, October 4, 2009

International Card Making Day

Hi Guys Im not sure Ive got the title right but with the blog and FB surfing Ive been doing over the last couple of days Ive seen lots of references to International Card Making Day. So I would love to share with you a link that I have on my RSS feeds, to a deeevine blog which showcases just the coolest cards, and they are the creation of Daniel, who is still in high school! He blows me away with his fabulous cards,.. please go chek it out; Daniels Hobbyblog its a real treat :)

Happy you know what :) xxx


Sasha said...

WOW those cards were amazing .. thanks for the link .. and Happy World Card Making day

Anonymous said...

Wow, he sure is good! TFS Lou!! Hope you're enjoying the weekend xx