Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scrapware Giveaway!!!!!!

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeek it out :) :) :)

I hope ur havin a cool moment before the next heat wave hits :0

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Selma-Janet & Bucko said...

Hi Louise, seems like the whole country is going mad with the heat. Oh how I wish I had more room and space to scrap. Even though I have no room, my mind is going crazy thinking of all the LOs I can do with some of the pics I am taking. We went to a Pioneer Village in Inv erell, lots of gorgesous very very old houses etc , all looking like folk had just stepped out for awhile. Took lots of shots of one home and will make my darling wee Grand-Nephew - Zethan and album on how people used to live, wash, cook, light their homes etc. This brain never stops creting, even if it is all inside my head. LOL Til next we chat, take care of yourself. Luv Janet McGoram xxx