Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 stuff and my love affair with Tattered Angels Mist :) :) :)

Hi Guys

This is a bit on an emotional post :). Recently I was asked by this wonderful creative; Kate Palmer if I would mind if she featured me in a series of blog posts she was doing! As always I am over the top honoured and always more that a little gob-smaked that people want to do this sort of thing IYKWIM!!

Annnnnny way when I read what Kate had posted and saw the layouts she chose, [I am always surprised at which of my layouts chose or prefer, more often that not they are the ones that I think people will turn their nose up at LOL] I was literally speechless and a little teary! When you are passionate about stuff, and its is a very personal thing it always always touches my heart in a way that I can't verbalise!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH Kate Palmer!!!

Which brings me to the last layout Kate posted!

This has and always will be, my Allllll time favourite layout using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist!! There is nothing artistically that makes it stand out from any other or makes it more special! but from a 'heart' perspective it has quite illogically always represented in my mind what i love about Scrapbooking, Family/Friends and LOL using Glimmer Mist!

As I start 2012 off this post has reminded me about what is GOOD! about the Scrapbooking Industry, and that is .......... IMHO, the Passion that people have for their art/craft!! Passion for creativity, the Passion for sharing, Passion for their life friendships and relationships, the Passion for Documenting their lives!! and the Passion for not wanting to forget!!!!!!!!

Thank you to both Kate Palmer and Tattered Angels for making the start of 2012 one that I won't for get!!!! EVER!!!! :)

Lou xoxo


Nicolee said...

awwww how true my friend!!! always in awe of your stuff....can't wait to meet you this year!! Life is good. X

Natalie said...


Marelle said...

Oh you will love Lou Nic, her heart is huge!! and her hugs are beautiful

Peg said...

<3 Ya!

dani said...

:) love it.

paloma1815 said...

happy new year Lou! your work is always so amazing, love it! so many work on 2011 and not a lot of time to say you congrats for news DT, you deserve it. be happy!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing all your tips for finding inspiration over at the Creative Jump Start. Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work in SM this year too. Congrats x

mrich2500 said...

So well said...keep this post in mind when frustration hits ;)