Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Woo Hoo some Deeelish Scrapware Creating :)

Hello Hello Guys

Well it is myyyyy turn to share over at Scrapware, here are some sneek peeks of what you are likely to see if you go and take a Looooooksee :) :) :)

Cheers and Happy Scrapping :)
Lou xxx


Debbie Smith said...

Hi Louise,

how fun to meet you today. That was pure serendipity. I returned after a WHOLE day away from home so inspired! It's really fun to be around others who are a bit the same. I'm a little *star-struck* after meeting you, since I've admired your work for ages. I see your work in one of the blogs I've been following, the Creative Type, I think, similar to another one I like, Catalyst.

I decided this week that I would like to start a scrapbook/art journal just for me so I can be freer to experiment.

Have a great weekend!

Debbie xox

paloma1815 said...

love the 3th one! how did you do it? gesso + peint? so fun. paloma1815