Saturday, July 11, 2009

Im just a liiiiittle chuffed :)...........

This is under my front step

This is on my porch

These are of the back steps and foundations of Glengowrrie [?sp.] Scout Camp

This is also at the scout camp.
Ive finally gotten a chance to sit down and try out the 'stuff ' I'ed been learning, from Jill GG and more recently at the class I took by Rachel Richter.
Im still trying to develop an eye for this sort of thing, and Im hoping it doesnt take tooooo long LOL.
You will see these on a LO soon :) xx


Ruth said...

Beautiful photography..well done!!

Niella said...

Gorgeous photos. Its all about the lil' things:)

Can't wait to see your layouts Lou!


Anonymous said...

Wow love your photography. Isn't it really amazing how we view things so differently when we are looking through artistic eyes :)
Well done.
I especially love the stonework and the steps photo. What amazing colours you captured.

Anonymous said...

geeeeeeeeeee don't you run a cob-webber across your steps Hehhhhhhhhheeeeeeee love all these wonderful photos.. Jealous As! that you got to attend classes with those two awesome people... but WOW you have learnt loads looking at these. I love the nature one and the steps x0x0x

Shelly said...

Oh Lou- these are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!!I love the photos, the texture you have captured is amazing!!! Very lovely!!! As always, I love all you do:)