Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aussie Scrap Source Classes :) :) :)....a bit more info :)

Hi Guys

Just a little more 'visual' information to wet your creative appetite.

Have you checked with your local scrapbooking store yet?? These classes are available to them :)

Don't stress if you are a complete newbie to Art Journalling!! these first 3 classes are aimed at the novice!

But that is all the info I'm going to share tonight LOL, I will make another post tomorrow night with a little more information to wet your appetite :)

Cheers and Happy Creating, Lou xxx

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aussiescrapper said...

I would love love to get a babysitter for the day, but to no avail so far, my dear friend Cathy Cafun is doing your class and I am so year I will get one no fail....these sneaks kill me. Love Melx