Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brissy Update [Sort of, kind of] :(

Hi Guys

Well I was all set to upload my photos from the Brissy trip and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh something has happened to them???? I had recently moved them from my hard drive onto an external drive and this has caused most of them to turn into a nasty X image aaaaaaaargh!!! So I can only upload the few that I have :( :( :(

The Fabulous Renee, It was just so so cooool finaly getting to meet you F2F!!!!

The ever so Speeeeesh Shelly [It was just sooo aswesome catching up with you girl!!!]

Me being a complete Dag but an ever so excited one coz my friend Natalie had a Layout featured in an SM Inspiration Display Woo Hoo Nat!

I promise to work on restoring the rest to upload!

In the mean time, I had something rather SPECIAL happen during the week,... This lovely Creative featured me on this Awesome Blog!!! I was so excited!!!! I have been lurking on this blog for some time finding al sorts of Inspiration!!

Thank you thank you Ruth and all my lovely friends and Visitors from the Inspiration site who visited and left such amazing comments!! THANK YOU!


Diane said...

Well done!
It was only a matter of time and what a great find for Inspirational.
It's true... your style is unique.
Go you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time catching up with some special cyber friends Louise xxx Lucky you xxx Can't wait to see some of your beautiful work with all your new purchases/product, seeing you had to pay to ship it all home! :):):)