Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative Soul Retreat :) :) :)

Hi Guys

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter Break! I ve had a very relaxing time, unfortunately I havent done a lot of personal creating. I worked one day and caught up on some much needed R'n'R. Ive done a lot of www surfing, some email returning [still got a few more to do] some Aussie Scrap Source creating. Ive also edited some photos to share showing my fun at the Creative Soul Retreat.

These next pics are of the pages I did in an Art Journal workshop by the Wonderful Jan Harris, when we learning different background techniques.

This bird stamp was carved by Jan isnt it delicious!!! I was fortunate to be able to acquire this and another at the end of the workshop,.. I was absolutely over the moon :) :) :)

Unfortunately the modpodge showed up with this photo aaargh LOL.

This is the other wonderful hand carved stamp by Jan.

I Also did a 2 day Workshop by the Amazing Judy Wilkenfeld. I was very much in creative heaven in this workshop, And, despite the fact that I had gotten the wrong supplies and my glue was completely a dud batch -[didnt stick] I still had an absolute blast and learnt a lot!!

I didnt get a lot of pages completed, most of our time was in learning the basics and loooots of wonderful techniques!!! But here are a few pics of what I managed to complete page wise.

Well that is most of what I wanted to share :) Ill leave you with a pic of a most gorgeous little girl called Bree who is the DD of the Lovely Kylie, one of Tiff's friends, who I spent the day with after the e2c retreat. More pics to share as soon as edit :)

Oh and These next 2 pics are of a layout I did featuring some photos that I took of the devine Ange at the e2c retreat :)

Cheers and I hope you have had a wonderful break!
Lou xxx


Jenny said...

Oh Louise, LOVE your art journal, great colors on the cover, absolutely gorgeous and also your latest layout...beautiful work!!

sandra said...

WOW! Those journal pages look awesome! And lurve ALL your layouts... feel especially lucky to have seen them irl.
take care of you

Mel said...

I love love everything here, just wish I could jump into that creative mind of your for just half and hour, or just watch you in action, I love the angel layout too, the splatters are gorgeous. Love Love Love your amazing style.

Nerrida said...

OOh, thats a niiiice one -that last one with circles, but of course I love all your work - its so unique!

mjsphoto6 said...

yum yum yum...
your work is lovely, looks like a fabulous retreat!!!

m xx

scrapwitch said...

wow loiuse..what an incredible retreat to partake in...each page delicious
truely a piece of art...and one retreat that i would relly love to attend.x

Nic Hohn said...

What a delight it was to sit next to you in our journal class...not to mention everytime I saw you over the weekend you were beaming! It was truly delightful. I have been to your blog a number of times since I got home from the retreat...and am enjoying my visits immensely. A quote comes to mind about your art...

Simplicity is complextiy in its purest form.

I have found this takes great courage. Love your strength of style.

sandra said...

Louise, I just love ALL your journal pages.. the retreat looked like it was in such a nice peaceful spot...
That layout of Ange is gorgeous...

On my way... said...

Absolutely gorgeous Lou!! I would dearly love to see your art journal pieces up close, I clicked but the images are the same size as on the blog :( Don't suppose u wanna share some bigger pickies with me??? I'd love to learn those techniques, will have to keep an eye out on Jan's blog, thanks for the link :D


Unknown said...

Oh my-I an sooo jealous of your retreats-I'd LOVE to do those classes-don' suppose you know of any on in July??
Yo have some great stuff on your blog-I love have a peep!!

sandra said...

lol blogger is playing tricks with me.. I thought the first comment didn't get through, hence the second comment. ;-)

Kylie said...

Hi Louise,
Wow, what beautiful work ! I love the rusty cross and the tiny photo peeping out of the hession !
Oh ... and the photo of Bree too of course lol !
Hope you're well.
Kylie :)

Marit said...

Oh woowww, what a beautiful art journal pages you show!!! So much inspiration to find here (as if I hadn't enough already...eeeeckkk, I definitely need more hours in a day!)

Angela said...

Hi Lou. It's been a while i know...
Those journal pages are amazing!!! What a neat surprise to see my face on a LO here lol. I must get some of those photos so i can do some AAM pages if you don't mind. Miss you. xxx


Svetlana said...

Oh dear Louise, I never got to visit your blog (life has been too hectic since my return from CSR). I'm not only impressed with your journal and "Just in case" pages but with your scrapbooking pages. Although I'm not into scrapbooking your pages are beautiful. I like hand painted backgrounds and minimal sing the embellishments and photos. All of this makes them classy and unique.
Thanks for the comments on my blog.


BTW I have enrolled into Nina Bagley's class. She is coming to WA next July.